5 Reasons Why Couchsurfing is Perfect for Couples AND Hosts

Yes, you can Couchsurf as a couple! Couchsurfing as a couple is very rewarding for both the couple and the host and many CS hosts actually PREFER to host couples.

Couchsurfing is a perfect option for couples AND their hosts (it’s a win-win!) for many reasons, the top 5 of which are:

  1. Many hosts, especially hosts that are couples themselves or who have children, feel SAFER hosting couples. Couples are seen as more helpful, trustworthy, clean, and… not creepy!
  2. Couples can entertain themselves, alleviating the pressure on hosts to be super attentive.
  3. A host can put a couple in the same room/bedroom (as opposed to two solo CS travelers).
  4. For hosts who are couples themselves—There’s a fun “double date” option!
  5. People love LOVE and couples (hopefully) radiate some love.

We’ve Couchsurfed together as a couple in India and Japan, and have had great experiences. Phil also used to host Couchsurfers regularly in Montreal!

After examining our own experiences and polling several other couples and Couchsurfing hosts, we put together this list of why hosting couples is actually awesome.

Of course, there will always be hosts that aren’t keen on hosting couples, for very specific reasons, which we will get to. We’ll also discuss what couples do can on Couchsurfing to get a better response rate from CS hosts.

#1 – Many hosts feel safer hosting couples

Though very rare, we’ve all heard Couchsurfing horror stories that make us want to never Couchsurf or host again. On the other hand, some of us know how wonderful and fun Couchsurfing can be. A great Couchsurfing host can enhance your travel experience like no hostel or hotel ever can, in my opinion. 

But since safety is on everyone’s mind more and more these days, it’s good news (for traveling couples) that many hosts with families actually feel SAFER hosting couples!

They don’t imagine that a couple is going to rob them or cause any trouble in their home (which I hope is always true!). The sole fact that a couple has at least one other person in the world vouching for them makes couples feel like a safer guest option.

Based on some research of CS hosts, it seems that couples are also seen as being more helpful, trustworthy, clean—and perhaps most importantly—not creepy!

The dreaded creepy guest (or host) has really ruined Couchsurfing for some people. Additionally, a couple is probably not interested in using Couchsurfing as a hook-up app, and this knowledge certainly puts many CS hosts at ease!

#2 – Couples can entertain themselves

Sometimes, hosts are excited to chat and hang out and have a beer with their guests. Other times, they aren’t really in the mood and hosting a couple is the perfect way to alleviate any pressure to be “on” as a host.

Hosts in these cases can generously provide a place to sleep for a weary traveling couple, and not feel the need to show them around town or play tour guide.

We stayed as a couple with an amazing host in Japan who had to work long hours during the day, but he wasn’t bothered worrying about us being lonely because we had each other to hang out with!

When hanging out all together, couples also provide a helpful third person (for hosts that live alone) so there’s less of a chance of awkward conversation lags or dead air.

#3 – A host can put a couple in the same room/bedroom (as opposed to two solo CS travelers).

Some generous hosts in the Couchsurfing community worry that they only have a limited amount of space but they want to help out more than just one solo Couchsurfer at a time. If two solo Couchsurfers don’t know each other, sleeping in the same bed or room could be awkward for some people.

When hosting a couple, this isn’t a problem.

Couples can be squeezed together on a bed or couch, squished together on the floor—whatever! No awkwardness to consider or worry about 🙂

#4 – For hosts who are couples—There’s a double date option!

When we were Couchsurfing as a couple in Goa, India, we were hosted by another couple and had one of our most fun nights of the trip on an impromptu “double date” to a beach bar.

Couples hosting couples is one of the most fun Couchsurfing options out there!

On this particular occasion, we learned so much about transnational relationships and marriage from our hosts who were a couple from India and Canada. When else could we have gotten this amazing experience??

#5 – People love LOVE – <3

SO this is true and not true, and I’ll get to the “not true” in the next section (basically, many hosts don’t like couples having sex on their beds).

As for people LOVING love – this is why shows like The Bachelor are popular (I guess?). People like to see other people in love.

In my Couchsurfing research, I actually saw CS hosts write this sentiment. They said that they liked to host couples because they enjoyed seeing other people happy. Isn’t that sweet?

So, couples, I guess you’re doing the world a favor! Keep spreading the love on Couchsurfing.

Reasons some hosts don’t like couples (and what couples can do to get a “yes” response from hosts)

It’s probably not surprising that not everyone likes hosting couples on Couchsurfing. Couples should be aware of the reasons why their requests may not be getting welcoming responses from certain hosts AND be equipped with the tips below for what they might do to get a positive response.

Now, there are of course the creepy hosts who are using Couchsurfing as a Tinder alternative and will only accept solo travelers no matter what. Everyone should probably try and stay away from those guys. And some Couchsurfing hosts simply don’t have the space to host more than one person, which is fair enough.

However, some hosts have made complaints about couples that could have been avoided, such as:

  • I don’t like when couples stay in their own little bubble and ignore me, especially when they speak in a language I don’t understand
  • I don’t like the idea of a couple having sex on my couch or bed
  • I feel like a third wheel
  • I don’t keep in contact with couples afterward
  • A couple requested to stay with me but I can only see one of the two Couchsurfer’s profiles/past reviews

Because of these issues, some hosts will no longer host couples. I think this is too bad because these hosts had experiences with couples who could have done better, and instead ruined it for all future CS couples!

Here are tips for couples to avoid negative experiences with hosts and to get positive responses to their guest requests:

  • Before you make requests to hosts as couple, make sure that both of you have individual CS profiles that are filled out completely. Hosts aren’t comfortable not knowing who is staying in their homes, and this simple step will make it easier for you to get accepted (especially if you both have some positive reviews already). Alternatively, you could have a joint CS profile that already has some positive reviews on it (“We hosted Bob and Sally and they were awesome, yada yada…”).
  • If you have space in your luggage, travel with inflatable camping mattresses or yoga mats, and let your hosts know in your requests that you both have your own “beds” and just need some floor space! Hosts that usually only accept solo travelers might make an exception for you guys!
  • Whatever you do, don’t immediately ask for the wifi password and abandon your host to be alone together as a couple. If you’re Couchsurfing just to get a free place to stay, you’re doing it wrong and ruining it for everyone. Just pay the money and get a cheap hostel. You’re a guest! Get out of your bubble, chat, learn something new about the place you’re in, and have fun 🙂 


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